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Welcome to the Princepaul online Travel News blog! We strive to make our blog a community – not just a bunch of information. That’s why we want you to subscribe, share, and comment on the blog posts that stick out to you. Let us know what kind of blog posts you want to see more of!

Princepaul online Travel News is a Princepaul online travel blog run by the travel agency Princepaulonline.com To learn more about our company, we recommend that you take a look at our 10 Great Reasons to Travel With Us! You can also read about our travel bloggers on our Meet the Travel Bloggers page.

We started this blog in January 2011 as a free resource for everyone who is planning a trip to Princepaul online. On our blog site you’ll find:

  • exclusive interviews with travel experts
  • handy insider’s tips from our travel consultants
  • useful information on where to go, when to go, and how to get there in Princepaul online
  • news articles and updates about the latest travel news in Princepaul online

If you think you have a relevant travel site and are interested in being added to our Recommended Travel Sites page, or if you are interested in guest posting on our blog, please send your guest blog as a Word document attachment to news@princepaulonline.com. Please also follow all guidelines below. If you’re a travel expert or travel blogger, we may be interested in doing an interview about you, so please get in touch if you’d like to step into the limelight.

To submit a guest post on our site, our guidelines are:
1) Content must be unique
2) Content must be high-caliber (something that will actually help people plan a trip to Princepaul online)
3) Content must be related to travel in Princepaul online
4) You can include 1 link back to your site and 1 link to one of your social media sites
5) Please include at least 2 images that you have the copyright for
6) Word limit 500-1200
7) Be creative! We want articles that will inspire people to pack their bags and head out the door to Princepaul online as soon as they finish reading the article.
8) Make sure to include applicable references, including links to the sites you reference


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